Foggy Thinking

Foggy Thinking

A sense of memory decline and foggy thinking and the brain not working as well as before may be a sign that the brain is struggling to perform at its optimum rather than permanent loss of brain function.

Boost to memory and thinking

Adding NeuroSpark® may help to boost the brain’s omega-3 DHA levels and help bring back optimal brain function. In a recent open label clinical trial where participants were cognitively normal but with residual depression symptoms, NeuroSpark® was found to significantly improve ‘executive function’ (the measure of higher order and complex memory function used in processing daily tasks) and with measurement of ‘memory’ and reasoning ability showing a trend to improvement1. In other studies higher blood levels of DHA correlated with improved memory in healthy young adults, and older adults taking fish oil supplements had a significantly less cognitive decline and brain atrophy than those not supplementing2,3 .
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A major difference I noticed was clarity of mind. It was an immediate reaction, like a lifting of that foggy sensation that invades the mind. I am 57 years old and have a stressful career. Since taking NeuroSpark my stress levels are more manageable, I feel calmer, find it easier to stay focused, my attention span has increased and memory has improved. I have taken quite a few different brands of fish oil and none have had as dramatic results as NeuroSpark.


For the last year I felt like my body and brain were in a haze. I was having trouble keeping my focus. My short term memory was starting to wane and I was experiencing what I call “brain strain” also known as mental blanks. “Foggy brain” certainly was how I was feeling, After 16 days of
NeuroSpark I noticed the haze lifted from my brain and I have not looked back. Now my memory ability and brain clarity is as I remember having at 25 years of age.


After his heart attack my husband was taken off NeuroSpark and I saw a decline in his memory so much I persuaded him to see a new doctor to review this decision. Now he is back on NeuroSpark with a fantastic memory again.


NeuroSpark has been wonderful for my husband and I. We started taking NeuroSpark after a recommendation from our doctor. We have both
noticed an improvement in our focus. Our minds are less foggy and our concentration has also improved. The brain seems less cluttered. My father has Alzheimer’s and I am terrified of developing the same. I am very keen to keep up the NeuroSpark as I believe it is beneficial for me. I can’t
recommend this product highly enough.


Recently I noticed that my memory was not as good as it had been, forgetting friends names and events etc. After taking NeuroSpark on a regular basis I find I am not struggling to remember, as I was before.