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NeuroSpark® medication provides a completely natural source of omega-3 DHA.
Your brain needs sufficient dietary omega-3 DHA throughout life to function at its optimum.
NeuroSpark® may help reduce foggy thinking, low energy levels, anxiety, low moods and improve your wellbeing.

NeuroSpark® Tablets - a natural approach to Anxiety Medication from Australia

NeuroSpark® capsules provides the highest concentration of omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) naturally-occurring in fish oil. This natural oil is gently treated by chilling and filtering.

Natural omega-3 DHA

NeuroSpark® is a clean source of omega-3

Sourced from the southern Pacific Ocean, NeuroSpark® oil is tested on the most sensitive instruments to ensure no heavy metals and man-made PCB’s or other contaminants are present in our Australian-made natural anxiety medication.
NeuroSpark® is not reconstituted to artificially concentrate omega-3 levels.
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Why your brain may benefit from natural anti-anxiety medication

The brain – your most vital organ

Your brain is the most vital organ in your body, it controls your thinking and memory and is connected to all of your body functions. Although only 2% of your body’s weight, your brain demands 25% of your energy and is very selective of the nutrients it needs.

DHA omega-3 is concentrated in the brain

The brain has a very high concentration of omega-3 DHA, ten (10) times the level in blood. Omega-3 DHA, as supplied in our brain supplement, is needed not only to build the brain but also to help repair and maintain the brain throughout life.

The brain retains DHA omega-3 not EPA

The brain is very selective and requires omega-3 DHA not EPA (eicosapentanoic acid). NeuroSpark® has more omega-3 DHA than EPA similar to that which the brain requires.
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Clinical information regarding NeuroSpark® anxiety medication

Clinical benefits of NeuroSpark® adjunctive therapy

NeuroSpark® can be recommended as an adjunctive natural treatment for residual symptoms of anxiety,
depression, poor memory and foggy thinking, low energy, poor sleep in a range of mild to moderate psychiatric diagnoses, particularly those with co-morbid anxiety.
For patients who are intolerant or resistant to medication, NeuroSpark® capsules may provide an effective brain-boosting addition to treatment regimes.

Clinical Trials

A recent open-label trial, Smith D et al 2017, with treatment-resistant depressed patients reported significant improvements in Hamiliton Rating Depression score (HAM-D) with a reduction from 20 to 9.6(p<0.001) and 46% remission.1
A placebo controlled trial of NeuroSpark® in a clinical psychiatry setting is also underway.
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NeuroSpark® may benefit your brain health


“My anxiety feelings have reduced and I feel more steady when faced with difficult situations” – Tania
“There is no doubt that I have seen a significant improvement” – Neil
NeuroSpark® may help steady emotions and reduce anxiety levels by helping brain neurotransmitter activity.
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“A major difference I noticed was clarity of mind. It was an immediate reaction” – Angie
“My memory is improved, mind is clearer and reflexes seem faster” – Meredith
Foggy thinking may be improved with additional dietary omega-3 DHA. NeuroSpark® significantly improved ‘executive function’ in a clinical trial.
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“Within a few weeks of taking NeuroSpark I’ve had a definite increase in energy levels and mental alertness” – Nada
“Adding NeuroSpark to my diet gave me back my former boundless energy” – Ashlea
Dietary omega-3 DHA may help the brain provide the energy it needs to perform at its optimum and give you a greater sense of wellbeing.
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“NeuroSpark has assisted in the stabilising of my moods” – Ann
“I have more energy and enthusiasm and haven’t had any down moods since starting NeuroSpark” – Joe
NeuroSpark® may be a valuable dietary supplement in the treatment of mood disorders.
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“Before taking NeuroSpark I started some days asking “how am I going to get through today?” - Simone
“I found that compared to my first pregnancy where I was lethargic and struggled to think clearly, my concentration improved and I wasn’t as exhausted. ..” - Katrina
While you are pregnant or breast-feeding NeuroSpark® can help provide sufficient omega-3 DHA for your baby’s brain development and for yourself.
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Where there is a possibility of feeling better it is worth trying.” – Lola
“I have struggled with depression for years …I am so overjoyed with the results I have seen that I now have my whole family on NeuroSpark.” – Nancy
NeuroSpark® may provide additional benefits alongside medical treatment for relief of depressive symptoms.
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