Energy and Well being

Energy and Well being

Ensuring the brain has plenty of omega-3 DHA may help to provide energy the brain needs to perform at its optimum and for you a greater sense of wellbeing.

DHA boosts the brains energy production

The brain requires 20% of the body’s energy and uses glucose to make the brain’s energy unit ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to drive brain processes. Production of ATP occurs in the mitochondria inside the brain cells.
DHA omega-3 is highly concentrated in the mitochondria and its presence stimulates this ATP production. A sign of inadequate brain energy production is afternoon tiredness or the need to nap. NeuroSpark® may provide additional omega-3 DHA for the brain to boost ATP energy production, improve sleep and a greater feeling of wellbeing.
Ref Afshordel S et al Omega3 PUFA improves mitachondrial dysfunction in brain aging …impact of bcl-z and NPD-1 like metabolites. PLEFA 2-15 Jan 92:p23-31 Brown, RE et al: Control of Sleep and Wakefulness Physiol Rev. 2012 July ; 92(3): 1087–1187

Just a quick note to let you know that my family and I are great fans of NeuroSpark. The capsules are easy to take and have no aftertaste. One of the benefits I have noticed is having greater clarity in my thinking. I also have an increased level of energy and just a great sense of well-being.


I feel fitter and seem to have more energy to do my physical work. I stopped taking NeuroSpark but went back to it when I seemed to get tired more easily and lost my spark.


Adding NeuroSpark to my diet, gave me back my former boundless energy, moister skin and clearer memory. NeuroSpark was the pivotal point in my diet, because while off it for about 6 weeks, my skin once again became parched and I was struggling to juggle 5+ projects at the same time – which has been my lifestyle for years.


My cousin told me about NeuroSpark as I was concerned that I literally felt I lacked spark, lacking the energy I was used to having and generally feeling almost sluggish. Within a relatively short time of taking it these feelings began to dissipate. It is subtle but clear to me that taking it has noticeably reduced feelings of lethargy.


I used to feel tired a lot, suffered from poor sleeping patterns and low levels of depression and anxiety. Within a few weeks of taking NeuroSpark all these have improved with a definite increase in energy levels and mental alertness. I have even taken on more activities including Flamenco
dancing 2 nights a week!