A natural approach

NeuroSpark® a natural approach

NeuroSpark® provides the highest naturally-occurring concentration of omega-3 DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in fish oil. The oil is cleaned by chilling and filtering - similar to the preparation of extra-virgin olive oil.

NeuroSpark® is a clean source

Sourced from the southern Pacific Ocean, NeuroSpark® oil is tested on the most sensitive instruments available to ensure no heavy metals and man-made PCB’s or other contaminants are present. NeuroSpark® is not reconstituted to artificially concentrate omega-3 levels.
Triple protected from light and oxygen degradation and stomach acid breakdown, to eliminate fishy repeats. A bottle of NeuroSpark® contains 90 small 500mg capsules that each provide 130mg of omega-3 DHA.

A small amount of NeuroSpark® can make a big difference

We recommended 2 capsules each morning for general health, 3 capsules if you are pregnant or breast-feeding or as directed by your health professional. This low-dose regime is within the recommendation of the World Health Organization (200-500mg omega-3 per day). Recommended for adults and children 12years and over (as young children can find capsules difficult to swallow).

Why take NeuroSpark® ?

Omega-3 DHA has been described by scientists as ‘the lost nutrient’

The body does not make omega-3 DHA and therefore we must obtain it from our diet. Unfortunately western diets have reduced rather than increased their omega-3 DHA content and there is 50% less omega-3 DHA in our diet than we had 60 years ago; farming practices and changed food preferences means less free range meat, fish and offal in our diet, and faster production means less time for omega-3 DHA to actually accumulate in the meat and fish products we eat.
Vegetarian sources of omega-3’s such as flaxseed oil do not contain any omega-3 DHA. Oily fish is the best natural source but advice is not to consume more than 2 serves of larger oily fish like swordfish, trevally or mackerel a week due to possible contamination by heavy metals and pollutants that build up with the age in the flesh of the fish. With farmed salmon omega-3 levels depend on their feed and most have moderate levels of omega-3. White fish such as bream, flathead or dory have low levels of omega-3. You require 7 serves of white fish a week to provide the recommended W.H.O. dietary level of omega-3.

Supplementing with NeuroSpark® is a convenient and safe way to ensure you have sufficient omega-3 DHA for optimal brain health..

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