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Testimonial #12

I’m a mum with a very active toddler, who often has me up a few times a night. To say I’m sleep deprived is an understatement. Before taking NeuroSpark I started some days asking “how am I going to get through today?”. My brain was ‘foggy’. Since taking NeuroSpark I notice my concentration is better,…
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Testimonial #11

I've been taking NeuroSpark for years, but when I fell pregnant I started to notice my thinking wasn't as sharp and foggy-brain was creeping in. Then I increased my dose to three tablets a day like the bottle suggests and I felt better almost immediately. I wasn't struggling for 'that' word any more and I…
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Testimonial #10

I took Neurospark throughout my pregnancy and continue to take it daily while breastfeeding. I absolutely love Neurospark. I found that compared to my first pregnancy where I was lethargic and struggled to think clearly at work, my concentration was improved and I wasn’t as exhausted. I used to take a generic fish oil brand…
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