Both you and your developing baby need plenty of omega-3 DHA

For pregnant or breast-feeding women foggy thinking and feeling low may be symptoms of an inadequate level of omega-3 DHA available to your brain. While you are pregnant the foetus will ensure it has sufficient omega-3 DHA in order to survive and develop1 by ‘stealing’ it from your brain.Therefore it is important to boost the amount of omega-3 DHA in your diet especially in the 3rd trimester and in the early months of breast-feeding when the baby’s brain is developing and
growing at a phenomenal rate.

Maintain breast milk levels of omega-3 DHA

Scientists have found breast milk levels of omega-3 DHA dropped 35% over 14years and many breast feeding mothers give their baby more omega-3 DHA than they are getting in their diet each day2. Not surprisingly it can take 4 years to return omega-3 DHA levels in the blood to pre-pregnancy levels so with subsequent babies there is even greater risk of you having low levels3. Research studies have found breast-fed babies actually accumulate more omega-3 DHA in their brains than babies fed milk formula without omega-3 DHA4.
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