Mood Swings

Mood Swings

Mood swings can occur for no particular reason, they may relate to hormonal fluctuations, behaviour patterns such as reduced sleep, and can have a genetic pattern with the tendency to occur within a family. For some the highs are very noticeable for others the swings are more from normal to
depressive lows. Their recurrence can be rapid-cycling or occur many months apart. Medical treatment of mood swings can be very effective and we recommend discussing this with your medical practitioner.

A valuable addition to treatment for mood swings

A dietary source of omega-3 DHA, such as NeuroSpark®, may be a valuable addition to treat mood disorders. One action common to all mood stabilisers is to reduce production of excess pro-inflammatory omega-6 metabolites in the brain neurotransmitter signaling system1. Scientists have shown DHA omega-3’s anti-inflammatory and protective actions in the brain also reduces this omega-6 pro-inflammatory activity. DHA omega-3 beneficial actions are not affected by mood stabilisers.
If you are taking mood stabilisers you must do not change the dose except on recommendation of your medical practitioner.
1.Rao JS, Lee H-J, Rapoport SI and Bazinet RP, 2008 Molecular Psychiatry (2008) 13, 585–596

NeuroSpark has been the most effective fish oil supplement I’ve ever taken. I can feel the difference, when before there was no real effect. It has enhanced my mood and energy levels. I take it daily and haven’t looked back.


Since using NeuroSpark I have definitely noticed an improvement in mood stabilisation. I hope that I will be able to control my condition (Bipolar Disorder) using a combination of prescribed medication and NeuroSpark.


I have been diagnosed as having Bipolar disorder and NeuroSpark has been amazing and a great assistance in the treatment of my illness.
NeuroSpark has assisted in the stabilising of my moods. I am no longer scattered in my thought processes and I am able to think clearly all the time instead of having a “foggy” mind. If I don’t take NeuroSpark for a period of three days or more, I find my thought process becomes very clouded and I am not able to think clearly.


I was feeling down again for no reason. I was soon to marry the girl I love but could not get enthusiastic about the wedding plans, A friend suggested NeuroSpark and the effect was immediate. I had more energy and enthusiasm, and a great wedding day. I have continued the NeuroSpark and not had any down moods since.